Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Nativity Pastorale

First Lutheran, Palo Alto 12.07.12 8:00PM
St. Mary Magdalen, Berkeley 12.08.12 8:00PM
St. Mark's Lutheran, San Francisco 12.09.12 4:00PM

Catherine Webster, soprano
Jennifer Paulino, soprano
Clara Rottsolk, soprano
Clifton Massey, countertenor
Paul Elliott, tenor
Peter Becker, bass
Vicki Boeckman, recorder
Louise Carslake, recorder
Rob Diggins, violin
Jolianne von Einem, violin
John Dornenburg, viola da gamba
Jillon Stoppels Dupree, harpsichord

After our celebratory 20th Season, Magnificat’s artistic director Warren Stewart is taking a sabbatical and pursuing research in Europe, but he will return in December to lead Magnificat in one of their most beloved programs, Marc-Antoine Charpentier’s Nativity Pastorale. Written for the household of his patron Mademoiselle de Guise, the Pastorale sur la naissance de Nostre Seigneur is one of Charpentier’s most brilliant and moving works with dialogues, ensembles, instrumental dances, and exquisite choral writing. The unifying force throughout is the composer’s his technical mastery and imagination and his extreme sensitivity to the poetic imagery, which often reflects the rich tradition of French Christmas carols, or noëls. Magnificat’s program will include Charpentier’s settings of several of these noëls, that are, by turns, charming, poignant, and amusing. Don’t miss Magnificat’s exclusive appearance in the Bay Area this season!

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Background by Nika Korniyenko using an image from Le Grand Bible des Noelz, f. 61 v, B. Rigaud, Lyon 1557.