Boby Borisov

Audio Engineer

With over 85 releases as a producer and/or engineer to his credit, Boby Borisov has worked in a variety of genres including television, theatre, motion picture and live sound projects. Armed with mastery of all things electronic and a passion for music, Boby dove into professional audio business in his late teens as a live sound mixer and DJ. In 1989, he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Electronics from the Technical University (Sofia, Bulgaria), where he had the chance to be part of the microprocessor and digital sound revolution while also gaining a strong experience in analog sound. Designing and manufacturing custom professional audio units made him one of the digital technology pioneers at recording studios and stage performances.

From 1992, Boby worked with most of the Bulgarian recording artists from rock, pop, contemporary folk, classical and eastern orthodox genres. While recording, mixing and producing commercial releases as chief engineer at Ton Studio 2 (Bulgarian National Television), he was also involved in recording television and theatrical scores for Bulgarian, Italian and French markets. Boby became a member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) in 1993, and later was one of the founders of AES Bulgarian Section, serving as officer of the Technical Committee. He also pioneered professional surround monitor systems and designed several studio setups including FilmSound studio, a facility that incorporates the oldest analog multichannel recording system in Bulgaria with a state of the art HD digital production system. Boby moved to California in 2005, where he has been involved in location recordings of classical performances while continuing to mix and master overseas projects. Currently he is Secretary and active member at the AES San Francisco section. Since 2007 Boby has recorded all Magnificat performances and advised on audio and digital issues.