Stephen Escher

cornett & recorder

After receiving a B.A. degree at Luther College, Stephen Escher did post-graduate work at the University of Iowa and studied in Bologna with cornettist Bruce Dickey. He moved to the San Francisco area and in 1986 became a founding member of The Whole Noyse.

Stephen has performed with numerous ensembles in Europe, North America and Mexico, among them The Taverner Players, Le Studio pour Musique Ancienne de Montreal, Magnificat, The Spiritus Collective, Chanticleer, American Bach Soloists, the Toronto Chamber Choir, and Apollo's Fire. Stephen has made two recordings in London with Andrew Parrott and the Taverner Players for EMI and can also be heard on recordings with Angelicum de Puebla on the Urtext label.

background photo by Nika Korniyenko