Donne Virtuose: Music by Remarkable Women

St. Patrick's Seminary Menlo Park 02.04.11 8PM
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley 02.05.11 8PM
St. Luke's Episcopal Church, San Francisco 02.06.11 4PM

Soprano Jennifer Ellis Kampani was featured in a program of passionate arias, sublime motets and dazzling instrumental sonatas by four extraordinary women. Francesca Caccini composing for the Medici Court, Barbara Strozzi among Venetian intellectuals, Isabella Leonarda from her Novarese convent and Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre for the Parisian aristocracy: each gave voice to their creative genius in the face of cultural restrictions on the artistic expression of women and produced masterworks that speak eloquently across the centuries.

Jennifer Ellis Kampani, soprano
Rob Diggins, violin
Jolianne von Einem, violin
John Dornenburg, viola da gamba
Warren Stewart, violoncello
Jillon Stoppels Dupree, harpsichord & organ

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* This program was initially advertised as “Letter Amorose”