Marc-Antoine Charpentier's Messe de Minuit

St. Patrick's Seminary Menlo Park 12.17.10 8PM
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley 12.18.10 8PM
St. Mark's Lutheran Church, San Francisco 12.19.10 4PM

Magnificat has long championed the music of the remarkable Marc-Antoine Charpentier and in this program we turned to his best-known work: the delightful Messe de Minuit (Midnight Mass). Drawing on the popular melodies of French Christmas carols, or noëls, Charpentier preserves their charming simplicity in achieving a perfect synthesis of popular art and the lush elegance of the Age of Louis XIV. The program also included Charpentier’s Dialogus inter Angelos et Pastores and noel settings by Nicolas LeBegue and André Raison.

Jennifer Ellis Kampani, soprano Ruth Escher, soprano Christopher LeCluyse, haute contre Daniel Hutchings, tenor Robert Stafford, bass Mathias Maute, recorder& flute Louise Carslake, recorder & flute Rob Diggins, violin Jolianne von Einem, violin David Wilson, viola Anthony Martin, viola John Dornenburg, viola da gamba Jillon Stoppels Dupree, harpsichord & organ

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