Orazio Vecchi's Madrigal Comedy L'Amfiparnaso

St. Patrick's Seminary Menlo Park 03.18.11 8PM
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley 03.19.11 8PM
St. Mark's Lutheran Church, San Francisco 03.20.11 4PM

In his madrigal comedy L’Amfiparnaso (“The Twin Peaks of Parnassus”) Orazio Vecchi blends pathos and buffoonery with exquisite melodies in satirizing the foibles of the human condition. Using characters and scenarios from the commedia dell’arte tradition, he tells a light-hearted tale of love and youthful rebellion in a series of amusing, and sometimes bawdy madrigals. For this staged production, Magnificat was joined by ‘comici’ from the Dell’Arte Company, who brought Vecchi’s amorous and witty madrigals to life. Costumes for this production were made possible through a generous grant from Svenska Kultur Fonden.

Catherine Webster, soprano
Andrew Rader, countertenor
Paul Elliott, tenor
Daniel Hutchings, tenor
Peter Becker, bass
Nigel North, lute
Actors from the The Dell’Arte Company
Emilia Sumelius-Buescher
Joe Dieffenbacher
Stephen Buescher
Costume Design by Nina Silfverberg

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